Coleen Garcia addresses concerns about Billy Crawford’s health and appearance

Actress Coleen Garcia recently came to the defense of her husband, Billy Crawford, amidst speculations about his health. In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Garcia addressed concerns about Crawford’s appearance, stating that he is “healthier than ever” and emphasizing that celebrities are often seen in a made-up form, which may surprise people when they see their real-life appearances.

Garcia urged netizens to stop speculating about Crawford’s condition, reassuring everyone that he is doing well and has made positive lifestyle changes. She revealed that Crawford has quit alcohol and smoking, leading to his slimmer appearance. Garcia also explained that Crawford’s busy schedule of traveling for shows abroad may have contributed to his seemingly stressed look.

Additionally, Garcia laughed off rumors of marital discord during an interview on Luis Manzano’s “Luis Listens” talk show. She clarified that their marriage is strong and private, dismissing any false reports of trouble in their relationship. Garcia and Crawford remain focused on their individual pursuits to secure their future, despite outside speculation.

It is clear that Garcia is standing by her husband’s side and advocating for their privacy amid unwarranted rumors and scrutiny. Their commitment to each other and their careers shines through despite the challenges they may face in the public eye.

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