Activist transitions to farm-to-market entrepreneurship

Former student leader and social activist, Orly Manuntag, has transformed his passion for empowering the less fortunate into a thriving business venture. Once dedicated to leading rallies and advocating for farmers’ rights, Manuntag has now embraced entrepreneurship in the rice trading industry.

The journey began with Manuntag taking over his family’s small rice retailing store in Baclaran after his parents passed away. This unexpected transition from social activism to entrepreneurship has led Manuntag to establish Goldmine Farm to Market, a rice trading business that prioritizes the inclusion of local rice farmers.

Under his leadership, Goldmine has gradually expanded its operations, becoming a wholesaler and establishing a network of retailers known as Aling Grasya Rice. Manuntag’s innovative approach has also included the implementation of contract growing schemes with rice farmers, providing them with the necessary resources and stability for a more secure livelihood.

Furthermore, by investing in a rice milling facility and introducing a farm-to-market rice retailing franchise, Manuntag continues to revolutionize the rice supply chain in the Philippines. His goal of achieving food security and empowering local rice farmers has garnered immense interest, resulting in the rapid growth of Goldmine’s franchise system.

With ambitious plans to expand the franchise to 1,000 locations nationwide by 2028, Manuntag’s visionary approach has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm from potential franchisees. The success of Goldmine not only benefits its business partners but also provides livelihood opportunities for farmers and employs numerous individuals, including scholars.

Manuntag’s dedication to creating a stable and integrated supply chain within the rice industry has not only garnered attention at franchise expos but has also attracted international interest. Furthermore, his commitment to protecting the Goldmine brand and securing its trademark emphasizes the ethical and sustainable business practices that have driven his success.

Ultimately, Orly Manuntag’s entrepreneurial journey serves as an inspiring story of resilience and empowerment, demonstrating the profound impact that one individual can have in transforming an entire industry and uplifting countless lives.

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