National Music Competitions for Young Artists Program

Young Filipino Artists Get More Funding, Support With New Law

With RA 11915 lapsing into law last July, the National Music Competitions for Young Artists Program (NAMCYA) will now be designated as the National Youth Development Program for Music.

Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, principal author of the law in Congress, said that the law will encourage Filipino young musicians to continue to persevere, develop, and promote Philippine music as an art.

NAMCYA will lead in discovering outstanding musical talents through national competitions and festivals. It will also assist in the cultivation, development, and advancement of young Filipino musicians through scholarships, trainings, performances, and other forms of incentives.

“I filed this bill because this is beneficial to the Filipino youth specially Kagay-anons. I recall that young CdeO students from elementary and high school over the years have won in NAMCYA competitions here in CdeO for the regional competitions, and also in the Cultural Center of the Philippines for the finals. I proudly cheered for our young Kagay-anons during these competitions that I attended. Our contestants gave honor to Cagayan de Oro City!”, Rodriguez said.

NAMCYA is tasked to preserve, develop, and promote Philippine music as an important component of cultural and social development. A training program for music leaders, experts, and teachers will be established to maintain and cultivate a high standard of musical training for the youth.

The law also mandates the NAMCYA to support the creation and performance of works by young Filipino composers by publishing and disseminating their works. It is likewise tasked to recognize artistic achievement through awards, grants, and services.

Through the allocation of funds, the NAMCYA will subsidize continuous research, innovation, market information, and assimilation of various forms, styles, genres, and music development representing the musical diversity of all the regions of the Philippines.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) is mandated to fund artists, provide them with office space, and allow them free use of their venue and facilities for any NAMCYA events.

The NCCA is directed to give preference to project proposals under NAMCYA and provide continuous financial and technical support for its competitions, festivals, scholarship assistance, and research activities.

Other national agencies, such as DepEd, CHED, DILG, NYC, DOT, DICT, and NYC, are likewise tasked to assist in the development of various projects and activities of NAMCYA.

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