These websites are using GMA’s face to generate clicks

Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s office has issued a “scam alert” warning the public about false advertisements circulating online that bear her images. The office of the current congresswoman of Pampanga’s 2nd district urged the public not to be swayed by these dubious links promoting certain financial websites and advertisements that falsely claim to be connected to Arroyo.

In a statement, Arroyo’s office clarified that the former president has no involvement in any of these financial websites and advertisements. As an economist and former senior deputy speaker and deputy speaker in the House of Representatives in the 19th Congress, Arroyo’s office emphasized the importance of being cautious and not falling victim to these fraudulent advertisements. The public is urged to verify the authenticity of any promotions or advertisements bearing the image of the former president to avoid falling prey to scams.

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