Princess Revilla Brings Holiday Happiness to Bacoor

Princess Revilla Brings Christmas Joy to Bacoor Children

Last December 17, 2023, Princess Revilla and the Princess Revilla Foundation, Inc. brought the spirit of Christmas to the heart of Barangay Bayan Luma in Bacoor, Cavite. The foundation organized a heartwarming Christmas gift-giving celebration called ‘Pamaskong Handog’, which brought joy to 500 excited children from the community.

The event was a delightful fusion of generosity, laughter, and the true essence of the holiday season. The highlight of the celebration was the distribution of toys, symbolizing the foundation’s commitment to the well-being and welfare of children. The children’s eyes sparkled with excitement as they received their gifts, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and delight.

The foundation also organized fun games for the youngsters, leading to the distribution of additional prizes and adding a playful twist to the festivities. Laughter echoed through the venue, creating an atmosphere of happiness.

A sumptuous snack spread awaited the young participants, further elevating the festive holiday mood. Additionally, a small program featured meaningful messages from Ms. Princess Revilla and esteemed Barangay Officials, emphasizing the importance of spreading love, joy, and compassion during the holidays.

Beyond the material gifts, the event served as a reminder that the true essence of Christmas lies in giving, especially to children who hold the key to our collective future. Princess Revilla and the foundation ignited a spark of happiness in the hearts of 500 children, making their holiday season a little brighter.

The Princess Revilla Foundation, Inc. exemplified the spirit of giving and sharing blessings, creating memorable moments for the children that they will cherish for years to come.

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