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Partnership Formed to Establish Green Building Sector Skills Council in the Philippines


The Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC), in collaboration with the Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Philippine Business for Education (PBEd), is working together to establish the Green Building Sector Skills Council. The aim of this council is to promote sustainable building practices and address the gaps and shortages in skills within the industry.

To mark this milestone in the advancement of the green building sector in the Philippines, the three parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This collaboration highlights their commitment to enhancing the capacity and expertise of professionals within the green building sector.

By coming together to form the Green Building Sector Skills Council, PHILGBC, DFAT, and PBEd will develop industry-specific skills standards, qualifications, and training programs. This initiative ensures that the workforce is equipped with the necessary knowledge and competencies to implement sustainable building practices effectively.

Ma. Anna G. Tungol, Executive Director of PHILGBC, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are excited to partner with DFAT and PBEd in establishing the Green Building Sector Skills Council. This collaboration will enable us to shape the future of the green building industry in the Philippines by providing the necessary skills, knowledge, and opportunities for professionals to thrive in this growing sector.”

The Green Building Sector Skills Council will serve as a platform for collaboration, bringing together key stakeholders such as industry experts, building professionals, educators, employers, and government agencies. Through this partnership, PHILGBC, DFAT, and PBEd aim to enhance industry relevance, foster collaboration, and promote industry-led workforce development.

Christopher C. de la Cruz, Chief Executive Officer of PHILGBC and Vice Chair of WorldGBC, believes that this endeavor will pave the way for a sustainable future. He stated, “The Green Building Sector Skills Council will be instrumental in driving innovation, upskilling professionals, and championing sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and the economy.”

PHILGBC is a non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmentally sustainable practices in the design, construction, and operation of buildings in the Philippines. Their mission is to transform the Philippine building industry towards greener, more energy-efficient, and sustainable practices.

PBEd, on the other hand, is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving the quality and accessibility of education and human capital development through business sector engagement. They bridge the gap between industry needs and the skills of the Filipino workforce by partnering with businesses, schools, and government agencies.

This partnership between PHILGBC, DFAT, and PBEd marks a significant step forward in promoting green building practices in the Philippines and ensuring that professionals have the necessary skills to contribute to a sustainable future.

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