I am not suited for politics

Acclaimed broadcast journalist Jiggy Manicad, who bravely entered the world of politics by running for the Senate in 2019, has revealed that he is not cut out for a career in politics. During a roundtable interview at The Giving Cafe in Mandaluyong on Jan. 5, Manicad admitted that his experience in politics made him realize that the political world is not for him, and that he is better off leaving it to the politicians.

Manicad expressed that he initially decided to run for the Senate after witnessing the devastating effects of Typhoon Yolanda in 2013, and feeling that the government lacked clear policies on food security. However, despite his unsuccessful bid for the Senate, Manicad continues to help others through his educational show “Agriprenuer.”

After retiring from reporting and halting on-field coverage in 2018 to take care of his family, Manicad has now made a comeback to journalism by joining TV 5 as one of its newest anchors for Frontline Pilipinas. He expressed excitement and passion for his return to journalism, and his eagerness to contribute to TV 5’s primetime newscast with his dedication to public service and providing credible information to viewers nationwide.

Manicad, who is known for his ahead-of-the-curve reporting, also imparted straightforward advice to young journalists, emphasizing the importance of truth, honesty, and content in technology-based news writing. He believes that despite the changing landscape of technology and media, truthful and honest content will always be king and will be what the public returns to time and time again.

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