Experience Becoming Kare-Kare in 4D with GIGIL Agency and Netflix

GIGIL Philippines Unveils Giant Pot in Glorietta for Netflix’s ‘Replacing Chef Chico’

Over the weekend, a massive pot appeared at the Palm Drive entrance of Glorietta, drawing attention to Netflix’s new series ‘Replacing Chef Chico.’

GIGIL Philippines set up the 24-foot tall installation, which brought the series’ poster to life by inviting people to step inside the pot for an immersive experience. Inside, guests were treated to a 4D experience that replicated what it’s like to be inside a pot, complete with LED screens, shaking floors, atmospheric changes, and the enticing scent of kare-kare.

Stars of the show, Sam Milby, Alessandra de Rossi, and Piolo Pascual, even interacted with visitors inside the pot, breaking the fourth wall to surprise them. This unique experience was the first 4D design by GIGIL Philippines for Netflix Philippines, with assistance from production house BNM Philippines (Black Noise Machine).

The ‘Replacing Chef Chico’ 4D Experience ran from Nov. 25 to 28 and was available for free to the public. The installation aimed to offer a sneak peek into the show’s kitchen from an unexpected location, and to provide an interactive and memorable experience for fans of the series.

The ‘Replacing Chef Chico’ series is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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