Court of Appeals Overturns Ombudsman’s Decision to Dismiss Former MIAA Officials

Court of Appeals reverses suspension order of former MIAA head

The Court of Appeals (CA) has reversed the suspension order imposed by the Office of the Ombudsman on former Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) head Cesar Chiong. The suspension order was related to the reassignment of 285 employees within less than a year of Chiong’s assumption in office.

In a 13-page decision dated March 21, 2024, the appellate court overturned the suspension order against Chiong and MIAA assistant general manager Irene Montalbo. The suspension order was filed by “anonymous MIAA officials.”

Chiong and Montalbo were initially ordered to be suspended in August last year by the Ombudsman for grave misconduct, abuse of authority, and conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service.

The CA granted Chiong and Montalbo’s petition, stating that the Ombudsman’s decision lacked factual basis and substantial support in evidence. The court also highlighted that the Ombudsman’s decision was based on a general statement and only considered four out of the 285 cases of employee reassignment.

The CA concluded that the Ombudsman’s decision should be struck down for prematurity and lack of factual and legal bases and that there was no need to belabor on the other issues raised in the case.

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