Bea Alonzo achieves a new milestone

Actress Bea Alonzo on her way to becoming an official resident of Spain

In a recent vlog, actress Bea Alonzo shared the exciting news that she is on her way to becoming an official resident of Spain. Alonzo, who recently concluded a European trip with her fiancé Dominic Roque, revealed that she will soon be receiving her resident card.

During their trip, Alonzo and Roque stayed at the Madrid apartment that Alonzo had purchased last year, which made her eligible for a Spanish Golden Visa. This visa allowed her to obtain residency status through Spain’s “Residency by Investment” program.

As a resident of Spain, Alonzo will now have the ability to travel visa-free to other countries within the Schengen zone, which includes most of the EU member countries and several non-EU countries as well.

This significant development marks an important step in Alonzo’s life as she continues to expand her horizons and explore new opportunities. Congratulations to Bea Alonzo on this exciting news!

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