New singles and music video released by BLVCK Entertainment’s P-pop groups

Blvck Entertainment to release new music content from P-pop groups

Exciting news is coming from Blvck Entertainment as the two P-Pop groups under their management are set to release new music content this November. P-Pop girl group Blvck Flowers, who saw success with their digital album launch last July, is releasing a new single entitled “Mangga.” Composed by Engr. Louie Cristobal, the song criticizes “backbiters” and “phonies.” Following in the vein of their previous songs, the single is described as edgy hip-hop and features strong rap lyrics and powerful choreography.

Blvck Purple, the P-Pop boy group, is also releasing a pre-debut single called “’Di Mo Sure,” composed and arranged by Jayson Simbulan. The song is described as witty, danceable, and upbeat, calling out “two-timers” or “cheaters” in relationships.

Both singles will be released on music streaming platforms, along with music videos on YouTube on November 13, 2023. The music video for “Mangga” was directed by Titus Cee, while the video for “Di Mo Sure” was directed by Edrex Sanchez.

Blvck Entertainment owners, engineers Grace and Louie Cristobal, are excited about these new releases and are ready to offer more before the year ends. Fans can check out the social media pages of Blvck Entertainment, Blvck Flowers, and Blvck Purple for more details on the upcoming releases.

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