ATEEZ Sells 910,000 Copies of New Studio Album on First Day in Impressive Achievement

K-pop boy band ATEEZ has achieved an impressive milestone with the release of their new studio album, “The World EP. FIN: WILL.” On the first day of its release, the album sold more than 900,000 copies, setting a new record for the group.

The album, which was released on Dec. 1 through Sony Music Korea/RCA Records, contains 12 new songs, including the main track “Crazy Form.” According to Korea’s Hanteo Chart, the album sold a total of 910,017 copies on its first day, claiming the top spot on the daily physical album chart.

This achievement surpasses the sales of their previous album, “The World EP. 2: Outlaw,” which sold 756,748 copies on its first day of release. The success of “The World EP. FIN: WILL” reflects the group’s growing popularity and the anticipation surrounding their new music.

The album showcases the group’s extraordinary musical abilities, with each member credited on the tracks. The main track, “Crazy Form,” features a dancehall genre infused with an Afrobeat rhythm, showcasing a new style for ATEEZ.

The accompanying music video for “Crazy Form” has already garnered 19 million views as of the current count, further demonstrating the group’s global appeal and influence in the K-pop scene.

In addition to the main track, the album also includes four unit songs, “MATZ,” “IT’s You,” “Youth,” and “Everything,” further highlighting the group’s diverse talents and musical range.

This outstanding achievement is a testament to ATEEZ’s growing influence and the anticipation for their new music, solidifying their position as one of the most prominent groups in the K-pop industry.

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