Andrea Brillantes and Ivana Alawi named in TC Candler’s Most Beautiful list for 2023

Several Filipina actresses have been recognized by UK-based TC Candler in their 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2023 list. Leading the group is Andrea Brillantes, who has been ranked at 16th place.

Following closely behind her are Ivana Alawi at 21st place, Liza Soberano at 28th place, Janine Gutierrez at 45th place, and Belle Mariano at 71st place. The top spot on the list has been claimed by Nancy McDonie from the K-pop girl group Momoland.

In addition, TC Candler has also released their lineup for the 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2023, with American-French actor Timothee Chalamet taking the lead. Several Filipino personalities have also made the list, including SB19 members Ken at 34th place and Josh at 71st place, as well as HORI7ON members Kyler at 27th place and Reyster at 58th place.

According to TC Candler, the lists are not determined by popularity alone, with aesthetic perfection being just one of the criteria considered. Other factors such as grace, elegance, and hope are also taken into account.

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