Santo Tomas and NU secure important victories

In a thrilling showdown at the Mall of Asia Arena, Santo Tomas and National U emerged victorious in the UAAP women’s volleyball tournament. Santo Tomas secured the first Final Four ticket by defeating Adamson in a closely contested match, while National U dominated University of the East to move closer to their desired spot in the standings.

Santo Tomas, led by rookie Angeline Poyos who notched a career-high 31 points, overcame an early setback to clinch the win against Adamson. With a 9-1 record, they are now in a strong position to secure a Top-Two finish and the coveted twice-to-beat semis incentives.

Meanwhile, National U continued their impressive form with Alyssa Solomon and Bella Belen leading the charge. Solomon contributed 14 points, while Belen showcased her versatility with 12 points and stellar defensive plays. The Lady Bulldogs’ offense was relentless, leaving University of the East struggling to put up a solid defense.

Both teams are on a winning streak in the second round of the tournament, setting the stage for an exciting conclusion to the UAAP women’s volleyball season.

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