Proposal to update MAP buck’s access on Busway

Management Association of the Philippines Supports DOTr’s EDSA Bus Lane Guidelines

The Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) has expressed its support for the Department of Transportation’s (DOTr) guidelines on the use of the EDSA Bus Lane. However, MAP has also voiced opposition to the proposal of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to allow a “convoy of 5 vehicles of officials” in the Busway.

MAP President Benedicta Du-Báladad and MAP Infrastructure Committee Chair and Busway Advocate Eduardo H.Yap issued a statement arguing that the proposal contradicts globally accepted Busway standards “that account for its efficiency.” They emphasized that the EDSA Busway should be more efficient for commuters and motorists, rather than favoring the privileged few.

The association emphasized that the Busway is a dedicated lane for buses to improve the previously chaotic and ineffective bus service, addressing the needs of commuters. They stressed that the Busway and Bus Rapid Transit systems, governed by restricted access and exclusivity, are the most cost-effective urban mass transit systems globally.

MAP also warned that if busway standards are violated, the EDSA Busway could face potential collapse, resembling the chaotic service experienced when over 3,000 buses clogged yellow bus lanes. The association highlighted the success of the EDSA Busway, which has allowed 550 buses to carry up to 450,000 passengers daily and transported 154 million passengers within a 30-month period.

In conclusion, MAP urged all efforts to be exerted to adhere to Busway standards to protect it from being degraded. The association’s statement emphasized the importance of maintaining the effectiveness of the Busway for the benefit of the public.

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