Preserve Filipino Identity, Marcos Urges Filipinos

President Marcos Urges Public to Preserve Filipino Identity

President Marcos has called on the public to unite and preserve, protect, and promote the Filipino identity amid the fast-paced and changing times. Marcos made this statement as he greeted the people of Iloilo, celebrating the Dinagyang Festival on Sunday, Jan. 28.

In his message, the President hoped that the devotees of Señor Sto. Niño would lead the efforts to preserve the Filipino identity. He stated, “Let the Dinagyang Festival serve as a reminder of our collective responsibility to preserve, protect, and promote our identity in these changing times. It is through this collective effort that we ensure the continuity of the distinct way of life that binds us as one nation moving ever forward towards a brighter future.”

The Dinagyang Festival is an annually anticipated celebration in honor of Sto. Niño, the Holy Child, and is celebrated every fourth Sunday of January in Iloilo City. Marcos described the celebration as an event that showcases the vibrancy of Iloilo and the profound sense of unity and pride that defines its proud and resilient people. He also acknowledged the rich and colorful mosaic that makes up all indigenous groups, including the brave and enduring Ati people.

The President’s call to preserve the Filipino identity comes at a time when the country is facing rapid modernization and globalization. His message urges the public to come together to ensure that traditional Filipino culture and values are not overshadowed by the changing times. Let this be a reminder to all citizens about the collective responsibility to preserve, protect, and promote our Filipino identity.

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