IPOPHL encourages inventors to drive innovation in the Philippines

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) is teaming up with the Filipino Inventors Federation, Inc (FILINFED) in a move to promote innovation and uphold global standards. The partnership aims to strengthen the relationship between the two organizations in the areas of enforcement, commercialization, and protection of inventors’ intellectual property assets.

IPOPHL Director General Rowel Barba emphasized the agency’s dedication to nurturing innovation and supporting inventors on their journey to bring their revolutionary ideas to life. The memorandum of agreement between the parties includes the provision of advanced training activities and assistance in IP registration for FILINFED members by IPOPHL.

FILINFED President Archie Y. Melano highlighted the benefits of the alliance, stating that it will make it easier for inventors to register their works for funding from government agencies like the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and to obtain benefits provided by the Inventors and Invention Incentives Law.

The collaboration also aims to help the Philippines achieve a higher ranking in the Global Innovation Index (GII) by 2040, with a focus on improving Innovation Linkages under Business Sophistication and Knowledge Creation under the Knowledge and Technology Outputs. To support this goal, the government has developed the National Innovation Agenda and Strategy Document 2023 – 2032.

National Innovation Council (NIC) Academe Representative Ria Liza C. Canlas expressed hope for the future, stating, “Our group wants to raise the quality of inventions and innovations into well-applauded Likhang Pinas (Philippine-made) technologies— products and processes that not just embody Filipino ingenuity but also use resources that protect the environment and uplift the poorest of the poor.”

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