Pope Francis urges for the resolution of the conflict in Gaza.

Pope Francis Calls for End to Gaza Conflict, Shows Signs of Recovery from Bronchitis

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis made a heartfelt appeal for an end to the conflict in Gaza as he displayed signs of recovery after battling bronchitis. On Sunday, the 87-year-old pope, who had been dealing with health issues, spoke at the Angelus prayer in Rome, expressing his concern for the suffering of the populations in Palestine and Israel due to the ongoing hostilities.

The pope emphasized the impact of the conflict on children and called for the release of all hostages taken in a recent raid. He urged for peace, stating, “Enough please! Let us all say enough please! Stop!”

Francis had to delegate some of his duties earlier in the week due to his health, including missing a reading at his weekly audience. He has faced various health challenges in recent months, causing him to cancel a planned trip to a climate meeting and struggling with bronchitis.

The pontiff’s message for peace and compassion in the midst of turmoil resonated with his followers at St. Peter’s Square, as he continues to advocate for a better world amidst strife and suffering.

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