Philippine Airlines (PAL) achieves place in the top 10 most punctual airlines in 2023

Philippine Airlines ranks 2nd for punctuality in Asia-Pacific in December

Manila, Philippines — Flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) secured the second spot for punctuality among Asia-Pacific airlines in December 2023, according to London-based aviation analytics Cirium.

With an 83.08% on-time arrival rate, PAL outperformed other Southeast Asian, Chinese and Australian carriers.

Based on the latest Cirium On-Time Performance Report, PAL achieved the ranking, surpassing only a small airline based in Thailand.

PAL also emerged as the sole Philippine carrier to secure a place in the top 10 for the entire year of 2023, clinching the eighth position among the Top Airline Performers in the Asia Pacific region.

The flag carrier consistently ranked among the top in punctuality for five consecutive months in 2023. In September and November, it secured the third most punctual spot with on-time arrival performances of 84.27% and 83.38%, respectively. October saw PAL at the fourth position with 82.74% on-time flights.

In 2023, PAL maintained a 77.46% on-time arrival performance across its global network, covering more than 105,000 recorded flights.

This outperformed the Asia-Pacific region’s average of 76.46% from 3.76 million individual flights.

“We are grateful to all our customers and stakeholders for their support, to our employees for their teamwork and dedication, and to our government authorities, whose productive collaboration and partnership helped us achieve the operational efficiencies needed to earn this ranking among the top ten,” said PAL President and COO Capt. Stanley K. Ng.

“We acknowledge that there is still room for improvement. I assure our passengers that the Philippine Airlines team will work even harder to sustain and improve our current performance,” he added.

In 2023, airlines from Japan, Thailand, India, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong comprised the top 10 list.

Cirium has been tracking the punctuality of airlines and airports globally for over 15 years, creating the most extensive analysis in the aviation industry.

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