Miss Universe Philippines 2024: Winners of 4 Additional Titles and Special Awards

In a dazzling ceremony, Chelsea Manalo from Bulacan was crowned as the winner of Miss Universe Philippines 2024, taking over from the previous titleholder Michelle Dee.

Following the main event, four more titles were awarded to deserving candidates. Alexie Mae Brooks of Iloilo City was announced as Miss Philippines Eco International 2025, while Cyrille Payumo of Pampanga took home the title of Miss Philippines Charm 2025. Ahtisa Manalo of Quezon Province was crowned as Miss Philippines Cosmo International 2024, and Tarah Mae Valencia of Baguio was named Miss Philippines Supranational 2025.

The runners-up for MUPH 2024 were also recognized, with Christi McGarry from Taguig coming in as the 4th runner-up, Tarah Mae Valencia from Baguio as the 3rd runner-up, Maria Ahtisa Manalo from Quezon Province as the 2nd runner-up, and Stacey Gabriel from Cainta as the 1st runner-up.

The evening also showcased the top 5 finalists, including Maria Ahtisa Manalo, Stacey Gabriel, Christi McGarry, Chelsea Manalo, and Tarah Mae Valencia, who impressed the judges with their grace and beauty in gowns designed by Filipino talents.

Among the special award winners from sponsors were Miss Kemans from Bacoor, Miss Jell Life from Iloilo City, Miss Smilee from Quezon Province, Miss Cream Silk from Cavite, and Miss Buscopan Venus from Iloilo City, among others. The coveted title of Face of Avon went to Iloilo City, while Quezon Province, Iloilo City, and Bacoor shared the honors for Miss Zonrox.

With each contestant showcasing their unique talents and beauty, the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 pageant was a night to remember, celebrating the diversity and elegance of Filipino women.

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