Hindi ko kayang magpanggap para mapansin ng iba.

Ion Perez, a partner of popular comedian Vice Ganda, celebrated his 33rd birthday in a simple but heartwarming party on Sunday night. The event was attended by his family, close friends, and the families of both Ion and Vice.

The birthday celebration was documented by the guests and shared on social media platform X, providing a glimpse of the intimate gathering. The supportive mothers of Ion and Vice were also present to celebrate Ion’s special day.

During the party, Ion expressed his gratitude to everyone in attendance, acknowledging the blessings he has received. He thanked God for answering his prayers and expressed appreciation for the acceptance and support he has received from those around him.

“I am grateful to everyone who accepted me for who I am, for my voice, how I speak, and how I react. I cannot pretend to be someone I’m not just to be liked by others. I may not be able to individually thank everyone, but thank you very much. Let’s go, let’s party!” Ion spoke passionately.

Following Ion’s heartfelt message, Vice Ganda’s loving words could be heard in the background, expressing affection and support for Ion.

The birthday celebration was filled with love, gratitude, and genuine appreciation, reflecting the close bond between Ion, Vice, and their families. It was a memorable and heartwarming event for everyone involved.

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