European Parliament and Council support extension of EU-GSP+ for the Philippines

The European Parliament and Council have supported the EU Commission’s proposal to extend the existing EU-Generalized System of Preferences for the Philippines to four years. The GSP+ provides the Philippines zero tariffs on over 6,000 export items. Trade and Industry Secretary, Alfredo E. Pascual, made the announcement at the Pilipinas Conference 2023. Pascual revealed the good news referring to the glowing report on the Marcos’ administration’s progress in advancing economic and social rights. Specific mentions were made of drug control and counter-terrorism. Participating seem to be highly respected because compliance with a number of human rights, environmental and other international conventions is required for the preferences. The Philippines supplies mainly coconut oil, tuna, pineapple, and other agricultural products to the EU under the GSP+.’][]][”The Joint Staff Working Document on the latest EU Special Incentive Arrangement for Sustainable Development and Good Governance (GSP+) assessment of the Republic of the Philippines covers the period 2020-2022. It has been submitted to the EU Parliament and EU Council. It stated that “the new Government, which came to power on 30 June 2022 through open and competitive presidential elections, has affirmed its commitment to the compliance with the GSP+ commitments since the beginning.” The EU report emphasizes the need for more resolute actions to address the country’s human rights concerns.

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