Elisse Joson praises McCoy de Leon’s ‘Batang Quiapo’ role: ‘Annoying yet commendable’

In an event held in Bonifacio Global City on Saturday, Elisse Joson expressed her mixed feelings towards McCoy de Leon’s character, David, in the popular action drama “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo.” Joson, who was recently unveiled as the newest face of New Moon, a brand of S-acetyl Glutathione, admitted that while the character of David irritates her, she also feels proud of de Leon’s growth as an actor.

Playing the dual-faced villain David, de Leon’s character pretends to be Tanggol, the main character portrayed by Coco Martin in the show. Joson, who can relate to the challenges of portraying complex characters, shared her curiosity about de Leon’s acting process and how he effectively portrays the deceptive character of David.

The pair, who first gained fame as housemates in the 2016 edition of “Pinoy Big Brother,” have been romantically linked on and off since then. Despite their tumultuous relationship history, which included a split in 2018 followed by a reconciliation in 2021, Joson assured the public that she and de Leon are doing okay. She emphasized the importance of keeping their private life private and only sharing what they are comfortable making public.

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