Department of Justice to host human trafficking discussion in Manila on December 13th

The 9th Manila International Dialogue on Human Trafficking, organized by the Department of Justice (DOJ), commenced today at 1 p.m. The DOJ’s goal for the dialogue is to enhance international cooperation and develop innovative strategies in the fight against human trafficking, according to a statement from the department.

The dialogue, taking place at the Rizal Park Hotel in Manila, includes participation from representatives from the government, civil society leaders, and dignitaries from other countries. Alongside the Philippines, countries such as the Netherlands, Morocco, Panama, Indonesia, Cambodia, Spain, Pakistan, Argentina, Hungary, Finland, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Czech Republic, and Germany are also participating in the event.

The sessions at the dialogue will focus on the vulnerabilities of various groups and the introduction of an Ad hoc Technical Working Group to address emerging issues and trends related to human trafficking.

According to the DOJ, the event represents a united front in the global mission against human trafficking, emphasizing the role of each participant in building barriers against this crime. Additionally, a key feature of the dialogue will be the presentation of a nine-point rights-based action agenda by the technical working groups, reflecting the participants’ commitment to human rights in anti-trafficking efforts.

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