Mayor Honey encourages Manileños to exercise their right to vote and actively participate in BSKE 2023.

Manila Mayor Urges Residents to Exercise Right to Vote in Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections

Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna-Pangan is calling on the residents of Manila to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections (BSKE) in 2023. In a press statement released on Saturday, Oct. 28, just two days before the elections, Lacuna-Pangan urged the Manileños to carefully consider their choices for the local leaders who will serve their barangays.

“On Monday, October 30, all of us voters are expected to go to our precincts to vote for those we want to lead our barangays. In the last few days of the campaign, I hope we have studied carefully who we think is worthy of our trust,” expressed Lacuna-Pangan.

Highlighting the importance of the barangay leadership, she emphasized that they are the frontline of the government’s structure. “They are the ones we immediately approach and run away from. They are closer and known to us. So let’s appreciate our vote,” said Lacuna-Pangan.

The mayor also called on BSKE candidates to collaborate in ensuring clean, orderly, and peaceful elections and to graciously accept the verdict handed by the voters. She wished all the candidates the best of luck and expressed her gratitude for their willingness to serve the public.

In another development, Lacuna-Pangan recently held a command conference with the Manila Police District (MPD) at city hall, led by newly assigned District Director Col. Arnold Thomas Ibay. The purpose of the meeting was to remind the police of their responsibilities during the BSKE and the upcoming Undas holidays.

To maintain security and order, over 1,000 MPD personnel were deployed to secure polling stations and precincts in all 897 city barangays on Oct. 30. Additionally, around 2,600 policemen will be dispatched to ensure the safety of public cemeteries on Nov. 1 and 2.

Director Ibay reassured the mayor of the preparedness of the Manila police to keep the city peaceful and orderly during the upcoming holidays.

The BSKE is an important opportunity for the residents of Manila to choose the leaders who will govern their local communities. Mayor Lacuna-Pangan’s call to exercise the right to vote serves as a reminder for every Manileño to actively participate in shaping the future of their barangays.

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