Max Collins and Pancho Magno on co-parenting: Ensuring the best for our son

Actress Max Collins Shares Insights on Co-Parenting with Ex

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Max Collins recently shared that co-parenting with her ex, actor Pancho Magno, has been working well for both of them.

In an interview at a recent event in Loewe store in Greenbelt 3, the actress expressed her positive views on their co-parenting setup. She mentioned that it allows her to focus on her responsibilities while giving her ex the same opportunity.

Max is currently starring in the nightly drama “My Guardian Alien,” a fantasy family drama with comedic elements. The show marks Marian Rivera’s return to television after becoming a mother in 2019.

The actress co-parents her three-year-old son Skye Anakin with actor Pancho Magno, whom she married in 2017. They announced their separation last year and are reportedly in talks for a divorce, considering Max’s American citizenship.

When asked about her thoughts on families with similar setups, Max emphasized the importance of both parents being happy so they can provide the best care for their child.

Overall, Max expressed gratitude for how their co-parenting arrangement has benefitted their son and allowed them to prioritize his well-being.

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— Video by Kathleen A. Llemit, video editing by Martin Ramos

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