Manila LGU job fairs successfully recruit over 800 applicants at the beginning of 2024

Manila’s Local Government Provides Jobs to 881 Job Seekers in 26 Days

The local government of Manila wasted no time in providing employment opportunities to its constituents as it reported that 881 job seekers, including senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWDs), have been given jobs in just 26 days since the start of 2024. This was announced by Mayor Honey Lacuna-Pangan during her social media address, The Capital Report, on Friday, January 26.

According to the mayor, the job seekers were hired through various job fairs conducted by the city from January 1 to January 26. Of the total employed, 356 were hired on the spot, 135 were hired through the partner of LGU’s recruitment office, while 274 were employed in Joyride Philippines. In addition, 21 senior citizens were hired in Shakey’s, 23 senior citizens in Jollibee, 28 PWDs in Shakey’s and Jollibee, and 44 in the Government Internship Program (GIP) of the city.

Furthermore, the city government mentioned that 90 percent of those hired are from Manila and the remaining 10 percent are from other cities.

In her announcement, Lacuna also expressed her encouragement for the public to attend the city’s upcoming mega job fairs to find suitable employment opportunities. She also shared that a “Trabado-Hanap trabaho tuwing Sabado” event will be held at Tondo High School in Tondo, Manila on Saturday, January 27, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Interested applicants are advised to wear casual attire and bring at least 10 copies of their resume and their own ballpen.

The successful implementation of job fairs and recruitment efforts by the Manila local government demonstrates its commitment to providing employment and economic opportunities for its residents.

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