Digital Driver's License

LTO Taps DICT for Digital Driver’s License

The Land Transportation Office (LTO), in collaboration with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), is set to launch an electronic version of the driver’s license, or “digital license,” as part of the agency’s efforts to digitalize its services.

LTO Chief Jay Art Tugade stated that the digital license will serve as an electronic alternative to the physical driver’s license card and will be integrated into the “super app” under development by the DICT.

“The advantage of the digital license is that motorists can present it to law enforcement officers during apprehension. It is equivalent to presenting the physical driver’s license,” Tugade explained. “We also appreciate the way the super app functions similarly to a wallet, containing all government IDs, among other things, within your mobile device.”

Tugade further said that the digital license aims to replace the Official Receipt (OR) as temporary driver’s license currently printed on paper. The public will be able to utilize the digital license for various transactions with the agency, including license and registration renewals as well as online payments.

Regarding security, Tugade confirmed that the existing security features of the driver’s license would be integrated into the digital version, in addition to the super app’s security measures.

Tugade emphasized that the e-governance partnership between LTO and DICT demonstrates the agency’s commitment to digitalizing as many services as possible.

“Simplifying and digitalizing more services will ultimately aid the agency in eradicating corruption,” the LTO Chief declared.

In March, the LTO and the DICT officially entered into an e-governance partnership. This collaboration aims to enhance the digitalization of systems and processes within the LTO, ultimately improving its overall efficiency and effectiveness.

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