KMC supports Cebu businesses with flexible, fully serviced office solutions to embrace the future of work

Cebu Employees Shift Towards Flexibility in the Workplace

A recent survey by has revealed that only 5% of Cebu-based employees currently prefer remote work options, but the demand for flexibility is on the rise. This mirrors a national trend, with 92% of the Filipino workforce desiring a hybrid work setup.

In the bustling city of Cebu, businesses are responding to this need by embracing agility and rethinking their approach to office space. Traditional leases are giving way to more flexible workspace models, as companies recognize the necessity for quick expansion and hybrid work options.

One company at the forefront of this shift is KMC Solutions, which is currently providing fully serviced office spaces at HM Tower, Skyrise 4A and 4B in Cebu IT Park, as well as Lexmark in Cebu Business Park. These spaces are designed to provide businesses with the ability to scale effortlessly, optimize costs, and create employee-centric environments.

KMC’s modern offices offer various amenities, such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, business lounges, napping pods, and fully equipped pantries. According to Gregory Kittelson, co-founder of KMC Solutions, the goal is to create a space that feels like “a hotel for work, where teams can focus, connect, and thrive.”

In addition to providing workspaces, KMC Solutions also specializes in building dedicated offshore teams for disruptive companies, creating high-value, international-level jobs for Filipinos. This initiative contributes to Cebu’s growing tech ecosystem and talent pool.

With its commitment to innovative workspaces and empowering Filipinos, KMC Solutions is spearheading the modern work revolution in Cebu. It aims to provide an environment that fosters freedom, focus and community, allowing businesses to thrive in the evolving professional landscape.

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