Investigation Launched by OTS Regarding Suspected Theft Involving a Security Screening Officer at NAIA 1

Alleged Theft Incident at NAIA Terminal 1 Under Investigation by Office of Transportation Security

The Office of Transportation Security (OTS) has launched an investigation into an alleged theft incident involving a Security Screening Officer (SSO) at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1.

According to OTS Administrator Undersecretary Ma.O Aplasca, the incident revolved around a sum of US$300 in cash, and the personnel involved has already been identified.

“We shall provide updates on the progress of the investigation as soon as they become available. The OTS has been working closely with the Manila International Airport Authority and the Philippine National Police Aviation Security to bring those accountable to the folds of the law, and take appropriate administrative actions if the allegations are substantiated,” stated Aplasca.

Aplasca condemned the actions of the personnel involved, stating that such behavior contradicts the code of conduct for civil servants and goes against the core values upheld by the majority of their personnel.

In an effort to combat such incidents and maintain accountability within their ranks, Aplasca encouraged informants to come forward and report any illegal activities committed by OTS personnel as part of the internal cleansing process.

Moreover, Aplasca highlighted the preventive measures implemented by the OTS after the initial theft incident was reported.

The OTS is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of travelers passing through NAIA, and this investigation underscores their commitment to maintaining a high standard of professionalism and integrity among their employees.

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