Dennis Padilla filled with joy following Julia Barretto’s birthday message

Julia Barretto Greetings Her Estranged Father Dennis Padilla on His 62nd Birthday

Julia Barretto surprised her father Dennis Padilla with a heartfelt greeting on his 62nd birthday last February 9. Padilla confirmed receiving a message from Barretto during an interview, expressing his joy at receiving a message from his estranged daughter.

He shared that he was surprised and emotional upon receiving the text from Barretto, and that their brief exchange brought him to tears. Padilla also mentioned that he wasn’t sure if he could disclose the details of their conversation but considered it the best birthday gift he received.

While Barretto has not publicly commented on the encounter, Padilla expressed his hope for more private interactions with his children in the future. Barretto had previously stated in a September 2022 interview that she was not ready to forgive her father, and has remained silent on family matters since then.

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