Cristina Decena plans to produce new reality show focused on weddings

Popular television host and businesswoman Cristina Decena is gearing up for the production of a new television program, “Weddings Around the World.” In an interview during her birthday celebration in Makati City, Cristina revealed that she will be collaborating with social media personality Cong TV for this upcoming television project.

The decision to work with Cong TV stemmed from their friendship and mutual admiration. Cristina shared that she was initially unaware of who Cong TV was, but after watching his vlogs, she found him to be entertaining and funny. This led to her considering Cong TV and his girlfriend, Viy Cortez, to be featured in “Weddings Around The World.”

“I told them that I would like to do Weddings Around the World again. I hope they are the groom and also the bride,” Cristina said, expressing her interest in having Cong TV and Viy as the featured couple in the show.

The reality wedding show was originally conceptualized by Cristina and her ex-husband Ariel Villasanta. Despite their separation, Cristina mentioned that she plans to seek Ariel’s permission to do the show once more and even invite him to be part of the program.

Cristina also expressed her desire to begin production on the reality show early this year, if all goes according to plan.

Besides discussing her upcoming television project, Cristina also shared her secret to looking youthful at 61, attributing it to clean living, regular exercise, and happiness derived from her children’s success.

With her children now done with school, Cristina has shifted her focus to helping the children and grandchildren of her staff pursue their education, giving back to the community that has given her so much.

Reflecting on her birthday, Cristina expressed her wish for good health and a long life, hoping to have more energy and time to continue helping others. She also shared her bucket list desire to ride the MRT to witness different lifestyles and experiences of those who use the public transportation system.

Overall, Cristina’s life journey and her dedication to giving back reflect her deep sense of gratitude and generosity. Her upcoming television project, “Weddings Around the World,” presents an exciting new venture that will undoubtedly captivate audiences in the future.

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