1621BC Ready to Make Their Mark on the Music Scene

The Rise of P-pop group 1621BC

P-pop groups are making waves in the music industry, captivating audiences with their exceptional vocal talents and impressive dance moves. Fans and supporters are testifying to the genre’s potential to conquer the international stage.

The latest addition to the P-pop phenomenon is 1621BC, a new boy band signed under Kapamilya record label Star Pop. Comprised of members Pan, Win, Migz, DJ, JM, and JC, the group aims to bring a fresh vibe to the P-pop scene.

During an intimate pocket interview at a café in Quezon City, JM explained the group’s desire to showcase their singing abilities in a genre that primarily emphasizes dance. “Since we are a boy band, we want to find that balance and showcase our talents as a group,” JM said.

1621BC, a product of the reality TV show “Dream Maker,” expressed their gratitude for the training and preparations they underwent. Pan shared the advice that resonated with them the most, emphasizing the importance of trusting the process and the power of prayers and manifestations.

The group’s name holds symbolic meaning, with “1621” representing the angel number manifestation of desires and goals coming to fruition, while “BC” stands for Beyond Complete, signifying their commitment to perfection.

1621BC recently launched their debut single, “Laruan,” composed and produced by ALAS. The song addresses the toxicity of relationships and the importance of protecting oneself from heartbreaks. The group shared that the track reflects the challenges and misconceptions prevalent in relationships, particularly among their generation.

As they reflect on their journey and the release of their debut single, 1621BC is filled with mixed emotions, marking the beginning of their venture into the music scene. The group is eager to introduce music that will evoke various emotions and resonate with their audience.

With their debut single creating a buzz, 1621BC is poised to make a significant impact on the P-pop scene, paving the way for a new era in the genre.

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