Women march in protest against Cha-cha

In commemoration of International Women’s Day tomorrow, women from various organizations are set to march in the streets to express their opposition to Charter change.

Seventeen major women’s organizations and formations have joined forces to urge the government to prioritize programs addressing their women’s agenda, instead of pushing for Charter change.

Members of these 17 groups will also participate in dance protests under the unified theme of “Iindak ang Agenda ng Kababaihan, hindi ang Cha-Cha ng Iilan!”

During a press conference held yesterday, leaders of women’s organizations highlighted the challenges faced by Filipino women and how the proposed amendments to the Constitution could worsen their conditions exponentially.

They raised concerns about a potential increase in gender-based violence if the amended Charter allows the sale of Philippine lands and key public infrastructures to foreign nationals.

According to the group, women have nothing to gain from Charter change but further destitution, undignified living and working conditions, as well as violence and repression.

Critics of Charter change also accused it of offering the motherland “on a silver platter” to corporate climate criminals and prioritizing the interests of global warmongering superpowers over the welfare of Filipino women.

The group emphasized that the interests of Filipino women should be given precedence over the interests of the ruling elites who stand to benefit from Charter change.

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