UN Expert Concerned About Closure of CNN Philippines, Calls Media a Public Good

Recent Closure of CNN Philippines a “Worrying Sign” for Media Freedom in the Philippines, says UN Special Rapporteur

The recent closure of CNN Philippines has raised concerns about media freedom in the country, according to the United Nations special rapporteur on freedom of expression and opinion.

During a 10-day visit to the Philippines, UN rapporteur Irene Khan emphasized the importance of the media’s role in informing citizens and fostering dialogue. She stressed that the media should be seen as a “public good” and a “public service,” and not just a commercial sector.

Khan also noted that the closure of CNN Philippines, which cited “serious financial losses” as the reason for shutting down, will have broader consequences, including the loss of trustworthy information for the people.

In addition to the government’s censorship of alternative media outlets, Khan raised concerns about media ownership concentration and the lengthy process for setting up a broadcast media outlet in the Philippines.

Overall, she urged officials to ensure an environment that enables media to be free, independent, diverse, and pluralistic.

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