The Role of SM Store in Promoting Green Consumerism in 2024

SM Retail, a subsidiary of SM Investments Corporation and the country’s biggest retailer, is leading the way in promoting sustainable and earth-friendly products through its SM Green Finds Program. This initiative has caught the attention of more Filipinos who are now shifting their preference to more eco-friendly options.

The SM Store’s Green retail initiative is part of the broader SM Green Movement Campaign, aiming to make it easy for Filipinos to live sustainably by providing access to sustainable products that are eco-friendly, made from natural and local ingredients, and support local communities.

The program also serves as an opportunity for suppliers, particularly MSMEs, to scale their businesses and showcase and sell their green products to a broader market. By providing them greater reach through SM Stores nationwide, these MSMEs are able to make their sustainable practices economically viable and allow them to grow.

According to Mr. Dhinno Tiu, SM Store EVP, “SM Green Finds makes green living accessible. We offer a wide range of products and price points for every consumer. We provide options for our customers who wish to do intentional purchases, thinking of not only their essentials but also the planet and ways to support local communities.”

To make it easy for its customers, The SM Store curates products from their suppliers that qualify as green and eco-friendly and makes them easy to spot by attaching Green Finds labels or placing them in special Green Finds sections that are attractive and distinct. In addition, well-trained and knowledgeable personnel are available to explain to customers the importance of sustainable living and what makes these products green and Earth-friendly.

With the aggressive expansion of the Green Finds Program well underway, SM Store aims to further grow the number of products that qualify as green and sustainable and increase its share in store space as well as in sales.

As the industry leader and the largest marketplace in the country, SM plays a pivotal role in positively impacting consumer behavior and in enabling and fueling an ecosystem that will bring consumers and suppliers together to shift to a more sustainable way of life for the Filipinos. The Green Finds Program is set to be launched in five premiere stores in 2022 and to be rolled out nationwide in 2023. This initiative is a promising step towards a more sustainable and earth-friendly future for Filipino consumers.

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