Nearly 60 hours after Davao de Oro landslide, ‘miracle’ rescue brings hope

A child was rescued almost 60 hours after a landslide occurred in a gold-mining village in the southern Philippines. The child, whose age was not disclosed, had been among the over 100 people who went missing after the landslide. At least 11 people were killed and 31 injured in the disaster. Despite searchers giving up hope of finding survivors, the girl was found by rescuers who were using their bare hands and shovels to look for survivors. The child’s resilience and ability to survive were praised as a “miracle” by officials. The father of the girl saw her before she was taken to a medical facility for a check-up. The area hit by the landslide had previously been declared a “no build zone” due to risks of landslides, with people being resettled to safer areas. However, many residents had returned to the area regardless of the warning.

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