Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista have a joyful reunion

Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista Express Love for Each Other at Birthday Celebration

At the 84th birthday celebration of GMA’s outgoing chief executive officer Atty. Felipe Gozon, Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista made fans swoon with their expressions of love for each other. Photos of their meeting quickly made it to social media, prompting a flurry of reactions from fans.

Comments on the photos included “Yey! Totoo nga. Friends na sila uli,” “Bati na nga sila finally,” and “‘Yan ang gusto na magkabati na kayo, God bless.” When asked about the encounter, Marian simply stated, “Masaya ako na maayos kaming dalawa.” Pushed to share more, she smiled and said, “Ayoko na i-elaborate. Basta masaya ako na maayos kaming dalawa.”

The feud between Heart and Marian started in 2011 while they were working on a remake of “Temptation Island.” However, they surprised fans when they started following each other on Instagram in October. Heart had previously expressed that she and Marian have “always liked each other,” stating “And it’s a true testament that, you know, we should always be supporting each other. Because real queens support each other.”

The meeting of the two stars at the birthday celebration and their expressions of mutual love and happiness have sparked excitement and joy among their fans.

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