Enhancing Productivity Through Innovative Implementation of “Ditch Day”

Aboitiz Group Implements Unique Program to Streamline Processes and Boost Efficiency

In a refreshing departure from traditional practices, the Aboitiz Group has taken a proactive approach to analyzing and implementing suggestions from its employees and customers. The conglomerate has launched an innovative program called Super Ditch Day (SDD), which aims to streamline processes and eliminate bureaucratic hurdles that hinder productivity and creativity.

As part of the Group’s transformation into a ‘Techglomerate’ that operates like a start-up, continuous improvement is a key tenet. SDD is an internal transformation program where leaders and members submit ideas on what to ditch, review, and act upon. A dedicated day is set aside to review and analyze these suggestions, with the goal of eliminating 10% of group bureaucracies to improve efficiency.

“We firmly believe that to become a future-proof organization, it is imperative to heed the voices of our team members and customers alike,” said Dea Franko Csuba, Aboitiz Equity Ventures Vice President – Transformation. By reducing processes and rules that no longer serve a purpose, valuable time can be freed up for more productive endeavors.

Implemented throughout the entire Aboitiz Group, SDD has already yielded positive results. Out of 1,971 ideas submitted by 13,000 team members, 392 processes have been eliminated, resulting in a 19% reduction in bureaucratic activities. This is just the beginning, as more ideas are expected to be ditched through ongoing assessments.

Super Ditch Day starts with small teams assessing existing practices, procedures, and policies. Ideas can range from simple to unconventional, and teams make decisions in real-time to ensure timely responses. The core team overseeing the program records all submissions and sends them to the respective business units for review and action. Data gathered from SDD is extensively analyzed to identify insights and trends for further discussions and initiatives.

Participants are rewarded for their involvement, and the initiative has received overwhelming support. In a survey, 99% of respondents found the initiative helpful, and 98% expressed a desire to repeat it. The overall satisfaction rating stands at 4.40 out of 5.

Super Ditch Day not only eliminates unnecessary processes but also highlights areas that need improvement. The Aboitiz Group conducts workshops and activities to upskill its team members, equipping them with the competencies necessary for a technological revolution. These efforts align with the Group’s goal of becoming the Philippines’ first Techglomerate.

The success of Super Ditch Day has prompted the Group to transition it into an ongoing year-round program. The initiative has been expanded to include “Super Ditch Day Fridays,” “Ditch it to Win It,” and “Super Ditch Day kits” to enhance innovation initiatives across business units. By embracing a culture of collaboration and efficiency, the Aboitiz Group is breaking down silos and fostering collaboration across departments.

This transformation was sparked by the simple idea of paying more attention to the suggestion box. The Aboitiz Group recognizes the value of listening to their team members and implementing changes that drive success. By doing so, they are poised to become a future-proof organization that sets an example for other businesses.

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