Chiz aims to repair relations between the House and Senate amid Cha-cha debate

In efforts to repair the relationship between the Senate and the House of Representatives, Senate President Chiz Escudero expressed his desire to avoid public exchanges among lawmakers, particularly regarding Charter change. Despite his skepticism about amending the Charter, Escudero plans to collaborate with House Speaker Martin Romualdez to establish a more respectful dialogue between the two chambers. He emphasized the need for legislators to refrain from unparliamentary remarks and focus on finding common ground to address issues.

The Senate has been divided over a proposed economic amendment to the Constitution, with concerns about potential political insertions causing delays. Escudero attributed the difficulties in passing Charter amendments to hidden motives by proponents, emphasizing the importance of transparency to gain public trust. Following the suspension of future Senate committee hearings on Charter change, Escudero indicated that the upper chamber may still consider related measures despite uncertainties.

Previous tensions arose between the Senate and the House over a people’s initiative signature drive to amend the Constitution, prompting public clashes between lawmakers. Escudero underscored the Senate’s independence and expressed confidence in the understanding of both chambers’ autonomy. Despite challenges, the Senate’s Resolution of Both Houses 6 proposes specific economic amendments aimed at improving public utilities, educational institutions, and the advertising industry.

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