ChatGPT Voice Removed for Resembling Scarlet Johansson

Tech company OpenAI faced backlash after showcasing its latest AI model, ChatGPT, featuring a voice reminiscent of Scarlett Johansson in the movie “Her.” The company received criticism for using a voice similar to Johansson’s without her permission.

OpenAI explained that it had partnered with casting directors and producers to select voices for ChatGPT, using criteria such as diversity, timelessness, and trustworthiness. The company received over 400 submissions from actors before finalizing the selection of voices for ChatGPT.

Johansson’s publicist revealed that she had declined OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s request to use her voice in September 2023. Following this revelation, OpenAI agreed to remove the voice that resembled Johansson’s from ChatGPT.

The incident raised concerns about deepfakes and the protection of individuals’ likeness and identity. Johansson emphasized the importance of transparency and legislation to safeguard individual rights in the era of advanced AI technology.

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