Agencies address media security concerns in preparation for the 2025 elections

The Presidential Task Force on Media Security (PTFoMS) and the Commission on Elections (Comelec) are working together to classify violence against the media as an election offense during the upcoming 2025 midterm elections.

PTFoMS Executive Director and Undersecretary Paul Gutierrez announced that a memorandum of agreement (MOA) will be signed with Comelec next month. Comelec Chair George Garcia expressed his support for creating a safe environment for the media during the election period.

While violence against media practitioners is not currently considered an election offense under the Omnibus Election Code, threats, intimidation, and coercion against any person or voter are categorized as such.

Gutierrez clarified that the MOA is not intended to amend the Omnibus Election Code, but he is open to the idea in the future. The collaboration between PTFoMS and Comelec aims to protect journalists from any form of harassment or attack during the electoral process.

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