Agricultural trucks eligible for toll rebate starting June 1

Trucks transporting agricultural products to be exempted from toll rate increases and receive rebates starting June 1.

The Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) announced that trucks transporting agricultural products will be exempted from toll rate increases and will receive rebates starting June 1. The program aims to minimize the impact of toll rate increases on the overall inflationary situation and ensure the stability of food prices.

The program will cover the Manila-Cavite Expressway, North Luzon Expressway, Subic Clark-Tarlac Expressway, Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway, and the South Luzon Expressway. To qualify for the toll rate increase exemption, agri-trucks must be accredited by the Department of Agriculture (DA) and have valid Autosweep and/or Easytrip RFID accounts.

Agri-trucks must register their RFID accounts with their respective toll expressway concessionaires and operators. Enrollees will need to submit necessary documents for verification, including the original DA accreditation certificate, a copy of the vehicle’s official receipt or certificate of registration, a valid ID, and their Easytrip/Autosweep card. Once approved, agri-truckers will receive toll rebates credited to their RFID accounts every Wednesday.

The program will run for three months initially, with the possibility of extension after evaluation. Agriculture Secretary Francisco Tiu-Laurel Jr. stressed that the government is working to reduce retail prices of agricultural products, aiming to alleviate the burden on consumers. Agriculture Assistant Secretary Arnel de Mesa mentioned that at least 956 truckers accredited by the DA are covered by the rebate.

In related news, a farmers’ group in Benguet reported a decrease in the farmgate price of cabbage to P2 to P3 per kilo, while the retail cost remains high. Despite the low wholesale price, cabbage is being sold at P100 per kilo in Metro Manila markets. Farmers in Benguet are facing losses as the cost of cabbage production ranges between P15 and P17 per kilo.

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