Wilbert Ross Unveils Debut EP ‘Lampara’ and Earns AWIT Award Nomination

Wilbert Ross Releases Debut EP “Lampara” and Receives Nomination for AWIT Award

Versatile actor and singer-songwriter, Wilbert Ross, has taken a significant step in his music career with the release of his first-ever EP titled “Lampara.” The six-song extended-play album, released just over a week ago, showcases Ross’s commitment to expanding his artistic horizons.

In addition to the release of “Lampara,” Ross has received a nomination in the Best Male Performance category for the upcoming 36th AWIT Award. This recognition further highlights Ross’s dedication to his music and his talent as an artist.

Unlike other music acts that compile their prior singles for an EP, Ross takes a different approach with “Lampara.” The EP features four entirely new, original tracks written by him, each designed to resonate with his listeners. Leading the EP is the sentimental acoustic ballad “Handa Ako,” which displays Ross’s mellow side and features singer Mika Salamanca.

The EP also includes three more original tracks, all penned by Ross himself. “Byahe Ng Buhay” takes listeners on a lyrical journey through life’s ups and downs, “Dramatic Actor” combines melodious vocals with a touch of drama, and “Benteng Ukit” is a captivating song that lingers in the hearts and minds of its listeners.

In a treat for dedicated fans, “Lampara” also includes two beloved tracks, “Nakangiti” and “Andito Lang Ako,” which have already garnered a strong following. These songs add to the EP and create a well-rounded listening experience.

Ross’s venture into music is not a mere attempt to gain fame but a sincere expression of his passion. He stated, “I’d like to let everyone know that I’m serious with my music. I’m not doing this because I want to be known as an actor who can sing. I’m in this because this music is inside me. I’m saying this just so you know that I’m in this for the long haul.”

Since his proclamation, Ross has remained consistent with his music, releasing multiple singles and collaborating with other artists. His song “Langga,” featuring Zeinab Harake, has accumulated over 8 million views on YouTube and 13.5 million streams on Spotify, highlighting his growing popularity.

Ross’s nomination for the AWIT Award in the Best Male Performance category is a testament to his musical efforts. The AWIT Awards is the most prestigious music acknowledgment in the local music scene, and Ross expresses his gratitude, stating, “It feels good getting noticed this way. It means I’m doing something right.”

With the release of “Lampara,” Ross is poised to make even bigger strides in his music career. Currently, he has amassed over 21 million streams and more than 350 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify alone. As Ross continues to release relatable pop songs and ballads, his numbers are expected to rise.

Aside from his music career, Ross is a versatile actor known for his work in movies such as “Working Boys 2,” “5 in 1,” “Nokturno,” and “Boy Bastos,” among others. With over a dozen singles already released, his recent nomination for the AWIT Award for Best Male Performance marks another milestone in his artistic journey.

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