House gives final approval to the divorce bill

In a historic move, the House of Representatives has approved on third and final reading the absolute divorce bill. The vote was 126-109, with 20 abstentions, marking a significant step in the decades-long debate on divorce in the Philippines.

The bill, authored by Rep. Edcel Lagman, aims to provide an option for individuals trapped in unhappy and irreparable marriages. Supporters of the bill argue that divorce is not the problem plaguing marriages, but rather issues like infidelity, abandonment, violence, and cruelty.

Despite vocal opposition from lawmakers like Reps. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Rufus Rodriguez, as well as evangelist-lawmaker Bro. Eddie Villanueva, the measure passed with the support of the Makabayan bloc and others in the House.

Advocates for the bill, like Rep. Arlene Brosas of women’s group Gabriela, see it as a necessary step to address the realities of marital issues in the Philippines. The bill provides limited grounds for divorce, including legal separation, annulment, irreconcilable differences, and domestic abuse.

Supporters believe that the bill will save children from the pain of their parents’ marital conflicts and provide individuals with a chance to rebuild their lives in a loving and supportive environment. The bill also allows divorced spouses the right to marry again for another shot at marital bliss.

The approval of the divorce bill marks a significant milestone in Philippine legislation and has been welcomed by advocates for women’s rights and family welfare.

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