DICT Launches 24/7 Complaint Center for SIM Registration

With the commencement of the SIM registration today, December 27, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is also launching a 24/7 complaint center where the public can report issues related to the SIM registration.

DICT Spokesperson and Undersecretary Anna Mae Y. Lamentillo said that the first two weeks of the implementation of the SIM registration is considered as a test period, wherein some glitches or technical issues are expected as the public telecommunications entities (PTE) fine tune their respective processes.

“The first 15 days starting December 27 is a test period. This means that registrations during this period are all valid, but we are already anticipating that there could be some difficulties because this process is new to both the subscribers and the PTEs. During this 15-day test period, the PTEs will be able to assess what they need to improve on to make the registration process more efficient and easier for subscribers,” said Lamentillo.

She explained that the 24/7 complaint center will serve as a support system for the implementation of the SIM registration as this will provide a platform where SIM subscribers can report their concerns or provide suggestions on how the process can be improved.

“DICT Secretary Ivan John Uy wants the SIM registration to be done as soon as possible within 180 days, and he wants to ensure that the process will be as seamless as possible. That is why we launched a 24/7 complaint center so that concerns can be reported immediately and acted upon promptly,” she said.

The Complaint Center for the SIM Registration will be under the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC), an attached agency of the DICT. Concerns related to the SIM registration can be directed to them through hotline 1326.

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