Clark International Airport receives recognition at Routes Asia 2024

Clark International Airport (CRK) has been lauded at the Routes Asia 2024 held in Langkawi, Malaysia this week. CRK emerged victorious in the Routes Asia Marketing Awards in the 5 million Passenger airport category. The airport’s exceptional performance was recognized after it accommodated nearly two million passengers in 2023, marking a 160% increase from the previous year.

This prestigious award acknowledges excellence in route development marketing, and CRK was up against tough competition from airports in Australia, India, Thailand, and Japan in the same category. Apart from the remarkable passenger growth, CRK welcomed five new airlines, including four international carriers, in the previous year. The airport also extended its network with 13 additional destinations in a bid to enhance connectivity and foster positive trends in the aviation sector.

Currently serving local routes to popular tourist destinations like Boracay, Cebu, and Palawan, CRK has been making significant strides in the aviation industry. Noel Manankil, Chief Executive Officer and President of Luzon International Premiere Airport Development Corp. (LIPAD), the operator of CRK, expressed gratitude for receiving the award and highlighted the dedication of the airport’s team in providing stellar service.

Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco also commended the recognition bestowed upon Clark International Airport, emphasizing the government’s commitment to excellence in route development marketing. Frasco underscored the collaborative efforts of the travel and tourism industry team in achieving this milestone, as well as the continuous support from the aviation community.

Looking ahead, the Department of Tourism aims to maximize the country’s regional gateways, including Clark and Cebu, to expand direct flights to key destinations. The DOT is working in partnership with the transportation department and other stakeholders to improve the country’s connectivity and boost international visitor arrivals to 7.7 million this year.

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