Defense department at PH Defense to undergo strict vetting for janitorial services, ordered by Teodoro

Defense Secretary Orders Vetting Process for Janitorial Staff in Light of Security Concerns

In response to security concerns, Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro has mandated a full vetting process for individuals employed as janitors and for other positions through manpower agencies within the Department of National Defense (DND) offices.

Teodoro emphasized the need for a secure and strict vetting process during a forum organized by the Manila Overseas Press Club in Makati City. He cited operational security as the primary reason for implementing such measures, stating, “We have to tailor even the most basic services to conform to operational security.”

The Defense Chief explained that the ongoing full security review at the DND will be implemented from the top-down, emphasizing the need for caution amid security threats, including in the use of communication gadgets.

Teodoro also highlighted the importance of maintaining a high level of security within the DND, stating, “Which is why we are transitioning into a highly operationally secure environment,” as he stressed the need for strict vetting of janitorial services.

Additionally, Teodoro has ordered all DND and AFP personnel to cease using a digital application that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate portraits, warning that the application “can be maliciously used to create fake profiles that can lead to identity theft, social engineering, phishing attacks, and other malicious activities.”

Ultimately, Teodoro emphasized that the measures being implemented are not only for the protection of DND personnel but also for the ability to freely exchange information and capabilities with partners and allied countries.

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