Zubiri blames defense of Dela Rosa for loss of Senate presidency

In a surprising turn of events, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri revealed on Tuesday that his colleagues had plotted to remove him as Senate president after he defended Senator Ronald dela Rosa, who ultimately voted against him.

Zubiri expressed his shock after discovering that Dela Rosa, one of the senators who supported his removal, had signed the resolution. Dela Rosa, who chairs the Senate public order and dangerous drugs committee, has been at the forefront of hearings regarding alleged leaked documents linking President Marcos Jr. to illegal drug use.

“I thought I’ve seen strange things in my political career. And this happens to be the strangest,” Zubiri stated, highlighting the unexpected betrayal.

In an emotionally charged resignation speech on Monday, Zubiri cited his “failure to follow instructions from the powers that be” as the reason for stepping down. He emphasized his commitment to maintaining the Senate’s independence.

During a press conference the following day, Dela Rosa admitted to supporting the resolution in favor of electing Senate President Chiz Escudero as Zubiri’s replacement. Despite his signature, Dela Rosa acknowledged that the majority had already secured enough support for Escudero.

The senator was visibly emotional during Zubiri’s speech, expressing regret over their perceived defeat. The unfolding drama within the Senate has captured the attention of the public and sparked discussions about political allegiances and power dynamics within the institution.

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