Zelensky in search of mental health workers from the Philippines

Ukraine President Visits Manila, Seeks Support for Peace Summit

MANILA — Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky made a surprise visit to Manila as part of his efforts to gather international support for an upcoming peace summit in Switzerland. The summit aims to garner broad global backing for Ukraine amidst its campaign against invading Russians.

During a meeting with President Marcos at Malacañang, Zelensky discussed the need for Filipino mental health workers to assist battle-weary soldiers returning from the front lines. He emphasized the challenges these fighters face in reintegrating into society and expressed gratitude for Marcos’ commitment to send mental health workers to Ukraine through the UN peacekeeping process.

Zelensky’s visit came after the recent approval of $61 billion in military aid to Ukraine by the US Congress. Marcos assured Zelensky of the Philippines’ support in any way possible and reaffirmed the country’s commitment to promoting peace through international cooperation.

The two leaders discussed the importance of Southeast Asian countries participating in the upcoming global peace summit, with Zelensky expressing gratitude for the Philippines’ support in UN resolutions condemning the Russian invasion. He warned about the potential consequences of failing to unite against Russian aggression, urging peace-loving nations to stand together to prevent the spread of conflict.

In a bilateral meeting, Zelensky also announced plans to open an embassy in Manila this year, signaling a desire to further strengthen bilateral ties between Ukraine and the Philippines. The visit marked Zelensky’s first to the Philippines and his first meeting with Marcos, highlighting the growing cooperation between the two nations in the face of geopolitical challenges.

Despite concerns raised by some groups about the Philippines being drawn into inter-imperialist conflicts, Marcos and Zelensky’s meeting underscored both leaders’ shared commitment to promoting peace and stability in the region. The Philippines and Ukraine, which established diplomatic ties in 1992, are continuing to explore avenues for collaboration to address common challenges and contribute to global efforts for lasting peace.

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